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P8 V25 Windows 8 Activator sadzquen




which apparently does not trigger window for linux as soon as I click on the menu button, the program crashes with this message Wine: Stack smashing detected. mod_wine.c:1146 wine_mods_main_main_AddMimeToWineDll(void*) mod_wine.c:1146 wine_mods_main_main_CreateWineDllMods() mod_wine.c:1146 wine_mods_main_main_StartThread() mod_wine.c:1146 __wine_end_thread(void*) mod_wine.c:1146 wine_mods_main_main_Init() mod_wine.c:1146 __wine_register_entry_point(void*) mod_wine.c:1146 wine_mods_main_main_WineInit() mod_wine.c:1146 __wine_start_thread(void*) mod_wine.c:1146 main() mod_wine.c:1146 mod_wine.c:1146 wine_mods_main_main_main() mod_wine.c:1146 wine_mods_main_main_run() mod_wine.c:1146 do_file_mod_wine_mods_main_run() mod_wine.c:1146 __wine_main(void*) mod_wine.c:1146 main_main_loop() mod_wine.c:1146 wine_mods_main_run_main_loop() mod_wine.c:1146 do_file_mod_wine_main() mod_wine.c:1146 __wine_run_main(void*) So, the thing is, if i can somehow run the application in linux, then I might be able to fix the original problem. How do I do it




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P8 V25 Windows 8 Activator sadzquen

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