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Unveiling the enchanting world of

"The Magical Egg"!


Weaving  together life's guiding whispers with a captivating tapestry of adventurous sounds.


In this extraordinary radio program, we embark on a mesmerizing expedition towards the breeding grounds, where we discover an object of pure wonder—a magical egg, nurtured by the very essence of mycelium.

As we gently crack open this ethereal & eartly artifact, a symphony of melodies unfurls, resonating with the essence of creativity. 


You see, within this magical egg lies a musical gift,  crafted by the maestro who graced our show before.


Every artist brings their unique vision, intertwining their sonic tapestry with the ethereal whispers of the mycelium's hidden depths.

Each track reveals a story, a journey encapsulated in harmonies, beats, and lyrics.

"The Magical Egg" is not just a radio program; it's an invitation to embrace the mysticism that permeates our existence.



MAGICAL EGG opening (
Stadsdichter Sjaak Kroes over
the Magical Egg

Alle kernen van je ziel verbonden

met hemelen en paradijzen

Laten duiven en adelaars
aan de horizon verrijzen

Stuur ze je hartenwensen
Deel levenslessen en tijdlijnen

Eieren die de tijd omlijsten
Het binnenste verrijken

Uitgroeien tot zielsgeluk
Blijf verliefd op het leven

laat je aanraken
door haar kleuren en magie

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